I shop at Albertsons and they recently got rid of their store card program. How can I still earn points for offers at Alberstons?


If you still have your Albertson’s store card, link it to your mPLUS Rewards account. You can continue to use it to earn points for mPLUS Rewards offers. Just scan your card when you buy the qualifying products and your mPLUS Rewards points will post to your account within a few days. We understand that not all store cashiers and service desk attendees will be aware of mPLUS Rewards and may tell you that you do not need to scan your store card. However, that just applies to discounts. It is important to note that the cashier must scan your store card when checking out in order to earn points for mPLUS Rewards offers.

If you no longer have an Albertsons store card, contact the stores’ customer support team at 1-877-276-9637. Please let them know that you need to be issued a “Upromise keytag”, which they will mail to you. Once received, link the Upromise keytag to your mPLUS Rewards account. mPLUS Rewards’s technology was originally developed at Upromise.com, a site that helps families save for college. Alberstons produced these special barcoded keytags for Upromise, and they can also be linked to your mPLUS Rewards account. These keytags can be scanned just like store cards and should be used with every purchase. Note that you do not need to be a member of Upromise to get a Upromise keytag.

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