Suggesting a New Location - iOS Only


We've heard your feedback and now you can finally suggest new locations to be added to mPLUS Places!

Click on the three horizontal circles at the top righthand side of the screen. That will bring up the "About Us" window, which offers the ability to "Suggest Location".


When adding a new location, try your best to be right in front of the new venue. That will help increase the likelihood that your location will be accepted into our database. 

There is also the ability to add a photo of the store front as evidence that the location of the new venue you are adding matches the location that you are actually submitting it from. 

To ensure the addition of your new location, do your best to actually be at this venue, submit an image and spell the address information correctly and in full with the appropriate capitalization. 

Please refer to the following example.



2 Seaport Lane, Floor 11

Boston, MA 02210 



2 seaport ln, 11th floor


In some cases, your location will not be added if it cannot be verified. If your location has not been added in 10 days, please submit it again with additional details. We hope you enjoy this new enhancement and it gives you even more opportunities to earn mPLUS Points!

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