How Do Prize Boxes Work?


Prize Boxes are something that we've added specifically to the mPLUS Places App! Prize boxes are created and dispersed around your map when you or other mPLUS Places app users check in to different locations. You can release up to five prize boxes with a single check-in. Other mPLUS Places App users can claim your prize boxes for the next 24 hours. Remember, you can only claim other users' prize boxes once every hour.

Prize boxes are created by other mPLUS Places users. If you do not see any prize boxes on your map, it is due to the fact that no other users are creating prize boxes for you to open. Stay tuned because they will be showing up soon!

After that time period, the prize boxes you released are returned to you and you then have 24 hours to claim them until they disappear. If your prize boxes are returned you can claim them all at once!

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