What is My Sweepstakes Punchcard?


Whether you win or lose, work your way towards a reward every time you enter a Sweeps! Once per day, when you enter a Sweeps*, your punchcard will pop up and that entry will be recorded. Once you hit 20 entries (or punches), we'll send you a $1 Amazon gift card. Just our way of saying thanks.

Even though you will only be allowed one punch in your card per day, you can still continue to enter as many sweepstakes as your heart desires.

To avoid any delays in receiving your $1 Amazon gift card, please make sure you are SMS verified. Without this verification, you will not be able to move past your 19th punch.

*Please note, only sweepstakes entries you use mPLUS Points to obtain will earn a punchcard punch. Free entries, such as those you receive from the Watch & Win Sweepstakes or via a Check In opportunity, do not qualify for a punch. 

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