Why Do Point Limits and Achievements Change Sometimes?


In our continuous efforts to build the best mobile rewards program around, we are always tweaking and adjusting the way our program works. This means that we often make changes to the points value system in the mPLUS Rewards program. We're still a growing program, and we're always working to adjust the program to be both sustainable for us and fun for our users. As part of our sponsor-funded rewards program, the achievements and point values in your apps are subject to change at any time based on a number of different factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Inventory availability
  • User base size growth
  • The needs of our developers
  • The needs of our sponsors
  • The availability of bonus opportunities
  • Business decisions designed to sustain the program long-term
  • And many other reasons. 
If you have a question about a specific change, please do contact us. And remember, just because our limits and point values are at a set rate today doesn't mean we won't increase or decrease them in the future.

Also keep in mind that bonus points never count toward your daily limit. This means you can earn many extra points on top of the daily limit by completing our sponsor achievements. Press the EXPLORE tab in the new portal, then look under the BONUS POINTS section for all the extra ways you can earn more points.

And if you'd like to explore additional apps that work with mPLUS Rewards, please see our running list of apps here for even more ways to collect points: http://www.mplusrewards.com/ Don't forget that there may be different sponsors in every app!

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