mPLACES Check-In Troubleshooting

First, make sure your location preferences/settings are turned ON in both your device AND the app you are currently using. 

Next, uncheck the box for Wi-Fi and mobile network to determine your location. This will force the device to use GPS to determine location. 

If you are still having problems checking in when you are at a particular location, it can be due to several factors. We use your device's location detection technology to determine where you are - this involves the use of cell network towers, GPS, and/or Wi-Fi to figure out the location of a device. If GPS is unavailable on the device for whatever reason (turned off, no connection, etc), the geolocation lookup falls back to cell tower triangulation, which is not as accurate. 

Due to network issues, poor cell service, buildings or other physical barriers, the location detection may be inaccurate and we won't be able to correctly determine your location. If this happens when you are at or near the check-in location, we encourage you to follow the steps above in bold, try adjusting your physical proximity to the check-in location and try again. The closer you are to the venue you're checking in to, the better!

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  • 65400481175c71f83efeec469de106aa?
    Roxane Banks

    I am sitting right in front of walmart and mplaces says I'm 1.6 miles. Away. It hasn't. Let me check in anywhere in over a month.

  • 2211ba5a86b9b7c1a8e4a257ef3c4eb0?

    I too had the same problem and it simply does not work. Whether stepping in the bldg, in front of the bldg or even nearby mplaces does not let me check-in, I don't believe it is the carrier but the app is not developed without enough reliability. Tried at Walmart, Best Buy, Officemax, Office Depot, Home Depot, Staples and none of these places work with check-in. I mean really I'm inside all these places walking around and no where in any of these places does it seem to work. App needs work and possibly should not have been released yet.

  • C81a1857b986eab51d7af898b8b2c061?
    DiAnn Clark

    Same as above on 12/26/13 @ Walmart...tried outside building, inside & in my checking in. I tried refreshing not working.

  • 4d17d2aba7f02fb853793766ae4a622c?
    peter reese

    Inside staples tells me I'm 0.7 miles away!

  • 646b9c6ed512082bebce9c100af6a7f7?
    Tim Maynard

    I tried checking in at staples, didn't work. Best Buy, Didn't work. Walmart, Didn't work. This is not right that we are going to the companies that you are promoting and getting nothing out of it. If this is not resolved I will cancel my account. It told me I was at every location and to claim my points but it would never stop processing.

  • 2211ba5a86b9b7c1a8e4a257ef3c4eb0?

    this solution did not work, I turned on my GPS and it works in navigating me to locations which leads me to believe that the application needs work in functioning properly. While inside each of these locations I could only get Best Buy to work once. I've been trying for almost a month now every day and only once has it worked. Please have the developers or someone fix what I believe to be an application problem.

  • 9436ac9ed573b14d6cdf8259aaa639d0?
    Mike Hill

    I am in Wal-Mart; on a Samsung galaxy s3, on a major carrier with good signal and a 4g tower. Why is check it telling me I'm .3 miles away? It is not my device. Have tried with several apps. My google maps puts me at the address, so its not the satellite. It is your app and I believe I'm going to stop using the m points if this is not fixed. According to your comments, this is not a random or rare issue. Fix it or I'm gone.

  • 1b8e15a38cdd5aa1d05eb7a54e4d0dc0?
    Dave Tws

    the worst troubleshooting guide ever for this.

    SOLUTION: Most of you can fix this by turning off the checkbox for wifi and mobile network to determine your location.ONLY use GPS to determine location amd it will work. Fixed this myself with no thanks from the help desk

  • 4c491eb4cc70902eab685151f6d49697?

    I'm sitting in front of planet yet message states not at this location & wouldn't allow me to check in at Walmart this issue has been going on for months now also won't give me my sponsor bonuses nor level up points!

  • Frame_user

    I was at Staples and it said I was 2.6 miles away. I stepped outside and several other spots and it insisted I wasn't there. It worked fine at Walmart.

  • 209fd8d6fbe575034c1db278a600db5e?
    jon sanford

    the location is always wrong I am literally on the roof of Whole Foods right now and it says I am .6 miles away

  • Cb6489b1a7d6215fd61dbca9df033ce7?

    I don't even see Walmart as a check-in option anymore.

  • Avatar-1390741117
    valerie DiBenedetto do i figure out how to do the gps thing on andriod phone

  • B770d7e61bce0f3e060248c3812feb39?
    melissa jess

    I hope this will help everyone. If you are getting the message that it appears you are not close to any places, then something with mPlaces and your GPS cache got messed up. You'll need to clear your GPS cache and rest it. I used this app called GPS Status and Toolbox from the app store to reset cache and then download my position again. Now all the apps that have mPoints and the mPlaces is working

  • 02382e4c18f3451d9b5e80bffe852f60?
    Paula Popper

    On one hand I'm glad to see I'm not the only this has happened to. On the other, now I am trying to clear some settings and caches out to see if it will get better. I was fine a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to check in since. I've been in areas with clear signals and my navigation system had no trouble telling where I was, but the mPlaces apps couldn't seem to figure out that I was almost a mile from where it showed.

  • D87b6e69397a7c0c06422eeab0ffdf35?
    james Braxton

    It has been messing up ever since the update for this ap. It used to work before and I would do what it says no WiFi and I would have full service and would still say I'm 0.5 miles away

  • B770d7e61bce0f3e060248c3812feb39?
    melissa jess

    As I commented above, I've had success by resetting my gps cache. I also have success by rebooting my phone and opening Nexercise (or whatever program I'm using with mPoints in it) first and goinbg straight to mPlaces. Hope this comment helps.

  • 3cdb5036992cc0dd2efe4e34dafd5c0d?
    Keisha Mason

    I'm in the store and I've reset my phone, recalibrated the gps, done everything that troubleshooting has suggested and still can't check in, but the store 2 miles away is showing up! I've found that certain sections of town are definitely worse than others.

  • D1f0a179b469454974ab1d177b1f11f2?

    My Nav apps (all three of them) are able to correctly find my location while my WiFi and mobile network location services are enabled. When mPlaces says I'm not there, all three of my nav apps correctly show that I am there. If mPlaces cannot, it is poor programming on the part of mPlaces. Don't tell us to turn of services to make your app work. Instead, fix your app so that it doesn't get confused by these other services!

    Besides, this doesn't explain how, when two fairly small stores (both will fit inside a typical Wal-mart supercenter several times with room to spare) are side-by-side, mPlaces shows that I am at one of the stores while the other is listed as being 1/2 mile away. That obviously has nothing to do with WiFi or mobile location services because it got one of the stores correct. That's just bad programming.

  • D1f0a179b469454974ab1d177b1f11f2?

    Has anyone else noticed that the higher the value of the mPlace location, the more likely it is that you cannot check in when you are sitting at the location?

    Today, at a small shopping center that has my neighborhood grocery, there were 5 mPlace locations available. Two were 25 pointers and three were 10 pointers. While actually standing in one of the 25 point locations near the edge of the store closest to the other 25 point location, mPlaces show that both 25 point locations were .4 miles away. Meanwhile, the three 10 point locations were all available for check-in.

    The three 10 point locations are NOT located next to each other. They each occupy a 'pad' location. One is at the entrance to the shopping area; one is at the east end and the last at the west end. The two 25 point locations were almost exactly mid-way between the other three. The entire shopping center is only about a quarter-mile long so there is no way for the locations near the center to be .4 miles away while the locations at either end are available.

    Interesting and suspicious to me that more often than not, when I'm sitting at a location and mPlaces says I cannot check-in, it is a higher point value location.

  • 57cffbdf69e5dcea079036773cf695a7?
    John Nelson

    A few days ago I needed to go to the grocery store for a couple things and I decided to go to Kroger because I could check in and get 100 credits. In the lot the app said I wasn't at the location so I walked in and shopped throughout the store the whole time I was .2 miles away and I was using Krogers wifi turning wifi did nothing

  • 1bd59c8496dc18619692283e81f1fed8?

    Thank you Rebecca, for your quick response, also celebrate Wemons day, for being the Wemon you are.

  • 146669f47dc9b5f1e7c93fb28df0d483?

    I too believe that Mpoints is skimming.scamming it's users. All problems benefit mpoints. the points awarded are constantly reduced. bonus videos dont run, bonus opportubities dont award points anymore, Mplaces are now only 10 points in my location. if bonus videos do run then they either crash or just stop and shutdown before points are awraded. If one complains and gets pissed enough, Rebecca will "comp" you 15 whole points and make it sound like she's doing you a huge favor. Oh ya, and all problems and issues are because you have done something wrong or your phone isn't set right. It's a scam to get you to spend hours and hours a week and Gbits of your streaming for a dollar a week while they keep the sponsors money for themselves. Simple.

  • 146669f47dc9b5f1e7c93fb28df0d483?

    The Mplace values are now only 10 points according to Rebecca. Of course she spun it that they were doing you a favor by allowing 15 places instead of 5. The streaming costs to collect that valuable 10 points now far surpasses the 1/2cent value of that 10 points. That's right. 10 points is worth 1/2 penny. It's a scam and they will spin it like a top. Boycott Mplaces till they value is raised back up. They get you used to playing it and then drop the value to nothing while they rake in the sponsors money.

  • D1f0a179b469454974ab1d177b1f11f2?

    I've tried their solution -- using only GPS. It doesn't work. The result I had was that mPlaces sat there for (no exaggeration here) 20 minutes trying to figure out where I'm located. When I switched out of mPlaces and opened any other application that uses location based services, the app was quickly able to determine my location using only the GPS. It seems that mPlaces doesn't work in GPS only mode!

    WiFi and mobile network are NOT the problem. The application is the problem.

    I have two screen captures that illustrate the problem. In the first, two stores that are side-by-side (the doors are literally 50 feet apart) when viewed in mPlaces, they are supposedly .3 miles apart. The entire plaza they are in is less than .2 miles long. It isn't possible for two stores in this plaza to be .3 miles apart even if one is rounded up and the other is rounded down and these two stores are definitely NOT .3 miles apart.

    In another screen shot, it shows a Chrysler Dealership and a Jeep Dealership. This is a small village -- they are the same dealership. In mPlaces, it correctly shows both with the same address. Yet, it also shows that, at the time of the screen shot, the Chrysler Dealership was 1.5 miles away and the Jeep Dealership was 6 miles away. Trust me, that dealership does not cover 4.5 miles of this little village. The entire village barely covers 4.5 miles of the village. The Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep Dealership, the only dealership in town, is only about 150 feet end-to-end.

    The problem isn't WiFi. The problem isn't mobile network services. The problem isn't even WiFi and mobile network combined. Turning those services off does not fix the problem.

    The problem is that mPlaces cannot tell crap from Crisco when it comes to correctly locating a business.

    I also still note that, the higher the point value for a check-in, the more likely it is that the location will not be available when you are actually at the store. When I first started using mPlaces, I limited my check-ins to the places where I was actually doing business. But I soon learned that, in order to get points for visiting those businesses, I had to wander all over. Now, instead of wandering the globe hoping to find where mPlaces THINKS a business is located, I take whatever points I can get.

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