I Didn't Get My Bonus Points.


One of the toughest technical issues we deal with is why a user doesn't get bonus points, or gets points and then loses them, after watching one of our sponsors' videos. This is because it could be due to any one (or combination) of a number of issues:

  1. Your connection to the Internet cut out in the middle of the ad.
    Some phones and browsers have built-in buffering capabilities, so that YOU see the video uninterrupted even if it's been interrupted somewhere during the streaming. However, this is the #1 reason why our system ultimately doesn't count it as a completed achievement. 
  2. Your device's hardware or operating system can't handle streaming a file with such a large data signature.
  3. The source (server) of the video is having issues or connection problems.
  4. The app that's trying to run the video is corrupt or needs reinstalling.

There are a few more possibilities, but those are the primary reasons why you might not get full credit for your ad-watching. The more videos you have trouble with, the higher the likelihood that it's a hardware or software limitation and not a bug on our end.

Unfortunately, while we try to provide technical support for mPLUS Rewards accounts to the best of our abilities, we hope you can see how all of these issues are outside the bounds of things we can help you resolve, and we have no way of verifying anyone's claims of points lost this way at this time, so we apologize, but we cannot credit people's accounts based on claims of lost points.

One thing you can try as a solution is to completely killing or exiting out of the app, then relaunching it and attempting to view the video again. This is an easy fix for a lot of our users, and often "jogs" the app into streaming the ads correctly. The step-by-step instructions are here.

If this doesn't help, or if you feel that this doesn't apply to your situation, please do feel free to submit a support request below. 

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