My Points Balance Has Gone Down.


We NEVER take your points away from you for any reason. However, if you suddenly see a partial reduction in your point balance, especially after logging in, there could be a few things going on:

  1. You've had a period of inactivity that caused your points to expire. Please view this article for more information regarding this.
  2. You earned a one-time achievement more than once on various apps. This bonus will go down once you log in to your account and the system sees you're not a new user.
  3. You've earned more than 1000 points in one day across multiple apps. For example, if you earn 200 points in six apps, it will appear as though your point balance has gone down when you log in to all six, as our system will only add 1000 points, not 1200. This is only true of in-app achievement points; bonus points never count toward your daily points cap.
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