Getting Around the mPOINTS Portal

Over the past few months we've been improving our mPOINTS user portal to make it easier and more intuitive for our members. The first change was introducing tiles on our homepage, which allowed you to quickly find the things that are important to you.

Our newest improvement is to our navigation. We no longer will have the navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen, but instead have freed up that screen real estate by putting the navigation choices behind the "hamburger" icon, which you can see in the upper left corner of the screenshot below:



Simply tap the icon, or swipe to the right, to see the menu bar as shown below:



From the menu bar you can access:

  • the Rewards Store, Sweepstakes, & Charities Pages where you can buy gift cards, enter contests or donate to charities
  • your Profile Page where you can see your order history, etc.
  • the Achievements Page where you can see all the achievements you can earn in a particular app
  • the Settings Page where you can find your account information, order history and general help
  • the mPLACES Page which rewards you for checking into your favorite locations
  • the mPOINTS Apps Page where you can see what new apps are now powered by mPOINTS!
  • To dismiss the menu, simply tap the icon again, or swipe to the left.



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  • 4ea32485b7faad8fc6c80982deabaa63?
    W Hovorka

    Looks OK but how do you get to the bonus points and get apps tabs?

  • 8b970b1654e8b1d1ea93dcd73a9bb4a8?
    Joann Badali

    W - Copied from above:  In addition, we have relocated the “Bonus Points” and “Get Apps” pages into the main page in the form of tiles.

    So, I'm assuming you'll just have to scroll down.  Scroll, scroll, scroll... past the "pinned" which reward are you trying to earn, and past the twitter checkin.  That's my guess anyway.

  • 0e5bbf7be26fd30df6e4e2a7f1020cb2?
    Rebecca R.

    @ W Hovorka + Joann Badali, yep! We're working on changing the get apps page into a tile right now. All bonus opportunities will be in the form of tiles now on the same page. 

  • 8b970b1654e8b1d1ea93dcd73a9bb4a8?
    Joann Badali

    Just my 2-cents worth, but I really don't see how all the scrolling is an "improvement".  It seems to me it will take longer to scroll to the bottom past all the other tiles to find the bonus tile, and then (again, just my guess, since I haven't actually seen this yet) you'll still have to click on that "tile" to see if any bonuses are available.  How is that easier or more convenient that just being able to click on the "Explore" tab at the bottom of the screen, and then click on the "Bonus Points" tab?  6 of one, 1/2 a dozen of the other as far as I'm concerned.

  • 0e5bbf7be26fd30df6e4e2a7f1020cb2?
    Rebecca R.

    @ Joann, I apologize for the confusion! Most of the tiles that are on the main page are bonus opportunities/deliver bonus points, or help you navigate around mPOINTS. There won't be a separate tile called "Bonus Points"; however, the tiles that are there now (and the tiles that will be added over time) are the bonus opportunities that have been simply relocated to that single page. I will try to make that a bit clearer in the Knowledge Base article. Thanks for your feedback!

  • 4ea32485b7faad8fc6c80982deabaa63?
    W Hovorka

    I agree with Joann, pressing the Explore then Bonus points tabs is much easier and uniform than putting everything on the tile page.  Plus, as of now there are usually more bonus point opportunities that show up on the bonus points page than on the tile page.  Are all of the bonus's going to show up on the tile page after the change?  I think that would make for a long tile page. 

  • 3d8f0e8d989130b1bd987c3d18aa4e60?

    i use a tablet to play a game to get mPoints and since i only play that one game, i liked having option of going into "bonus points" to watch a video, usually, or "learn more" however it is not currently there and it is not on main page! so a little confused and now the points i can earn each day has gone down drastically! i also tried downloading 2 apps, tonight of all nights, to play other games to get more mPoints, but didnt see icon anywhere, so uninstalled the apps. i understand there are a lotbof new things going on with mPoints, but for people like me who only play one game, it just sucks that i cant watch a "bonus video" for 10-50 bonus points! now i cant find that section anywhere, tried all help answers above and still cant find that section anywhere, not on main page as it says it would be, under twitter check-in. please update/help! thank you and keep up greatbwork! love concept of mPoints and dont know if im more addicted to the only mPoint game i play- ff with friends- or getting mPoints! lol! thanks for any help or suggestions! i'll check in each day, as usual and keep fingers crossed hoping it get fixed asap! ;-)

  • B0296f3edffb27ac9452e220cb30afdd?

    I do not like the new menu.It's much more difficult to use.The

    I do not like the new menu.It's much more difficult to use now.Also,the "hamburger" icon seems to be glitched with the app icon next to it and when you touch the app icon to get back to using your app it keeps taking you back to the Mpoints portal.It's just awful! Also I do not like that you have taken away all bonus opportunities,including the 10 point daily Twitter. 

  • Frame_user
    Allie Bohossian

    Hi Rebecca, It seems like you tried to make it easier for us to gain access to more information. It's more uniform & I like the change. Maybe a little tweaking needs done, such as; if I go into the 'achievements' page, click on & gain one of my points, it should go back to 'achievements' page & not the 'rewards' page. Other than that, it looks great. Thank you for the care & courtesies you and your team have put in to this change. A little more patience on our part is required for you to make these necessary changes. Thanks.
    Allie B.

  • 82390f994a947986ebfb8d2f05544c72?
    Ice Berg

    I would like to recommend that your software designers take a class or read a book on design and usability before they "improve" the software again. Amazon has several good offerings.

    Pay particular attention to the sections on accesability.

    The mistakes in this release are basic and unnecessary.

  • 8b970b1654e8b1d1ea93dcd73a9bb4a8?
    Joann Badali

    Is it just really patience that is needed, or is there an error, or is this the "new normal"?  I also lost the twitter check-in tile this morning.  Is this an "improvement", a glitch that I should be sending a support request through for, or something you're working on as part of the transition to the new tile concept?  Whichever it is, I don't like it.

  • F31bf527b2d92fb035af31ba164eeadc?

    So, is the tile for the "daily bonus" gone? It was nice having that guaranteed 10 points each app, but I am unable to find it this AM.


    that said, I hate the  current changes. . I'm beginning to think people no longer know what KISS means, but your current portal does not fit the KISS theory. 

    The which gift card tile is annoying, unnecessary, please remove it, or allow us to opt out.

    I have stuck with mpoints thru a lot of the changes that have done nothing but made it harder for your clients to use this. . .

  • 0e5bbf7be26fd30df6e4e2a7f1020cb2?
    Rebecca R.

    @ kbella369 - All of the bonus point opportunities that you would regularly find on the Bonus Points tab have been relocated to the home page of the portal as tiles. Most of these tiles are bonus point opportunities, and there will be more coming soon. 

    @ Dsheldon3 - I'll make note of your concern. I can definitely see how that might be confusing. The "x" icon in the upper right hand corner is what you are actually supposed to select in order to exit the mPOINTS portal and return to the main app. In addition, we're experiencing an issue w/ the Twitter tile, and it should be resolved shortly! It has not be permanently removed from the portal.

    @ Allie Bohossian - Yep, I am trying to make sure that all of this info is clear enough for you guys. Thank you for your suggestion, and I'll make sure to pass it along! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please shoot us an email.

    @ Joann Badali - Nope! That is definitely a bug that we're working on! The Twitter tile has not been permanently removed. 

    @ Mielikkiborzoi - I think by "daily bonus" you mean the Twitter check-in tile. There was an issue that came up, so we had to temporarily remove it. We're hustling to fix the problem soon! I'm sorry to hear that you don't like the new design. If you do have any suggestions or questions, feel free to shoot us an email!

    Thanks for you feedback, everyone! I will be checking this page periodically and responding to your comments as best I can. If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot us an email.

  • 6161091a21f57faa8fc7a5d3fb3cb15f?

    To be honest, I do not like the new menu. I think it's safe to say that most of us won't be celebrating with you. You've taken away the 10 point daily sign in. It used to be 20 points but when you "update" it went down to 10. Also there is no bonus points tab, I've searched the whole app. The bonus videos have also decreased over time. It seems to me that with each "update" you give us less and less of a chance to get mpoints. Which is good for you as you don't have to pay out as much and you still get paid from sponsored advertisers, but for your clients, your update that we should be "celebrating" sucks. Mpoints is already time consuming as it is. With each update it gets more time consuming and clients may find it not worth it anymore. The only difference between before and now is that there are less mpoints to obtain and you moved around the menu so maybe clients won't notice.

  • 6161091a21f57faa8fc7a5d3fb3cb15f?

    Ok I see your updated responses.. I'm glad to hear you've not taken away the daily twitter points. In addition, I would love to see more mpoints opportunities to collect mpoints :)

  • 79f65310522fe0a19e2ddd789ff0a1ac?

    It would be nice to see how many points I have earned that goes towards my daily limit somewhere. Also, and I know the point values for ads depend on how much the advertisers pay, but an ad that is a minute long and is only worth 5 points is not worth my time.

  • Frame_user
    Cager Garner

    I agree with Allie Bohossian.  I get my reward, but instead of going back to the Achievements tab, I go back to the Home tab.  On the previous version, once I claimed my points, I was taken right back to the Achievements tab, and I was able to click on and earn more points.  Now I'm having to go through extra clicks just to get back there.

  • 50eafdb033893d7dfaf8843401384051?
    Brian parker

    Ok, not a big fan, but here as some options that might make more people happy.

    1.) I can live with the swipe, but since many people want the navigation bar as a priority, why not put it back in at the top to prevent scrolling?

    2.) I do like that there is a settings option now, maybe you could include options to turn on/off tile groups such as goals, surveys, and suggestions.

    3.) Speaking of which, I like the new app suggestions, except that many times it suggests apps that I already have.  Perhaps include an option to say I have this so it will not prompt again?


    I think the "hamburger menu could work," you could also include the more apps, bonuses, surveys, goals.  Keep up the good work, loving the program!

  • F3b27ac3e5b9c488b7740af64440cd0d?

    Intuitive? No! Confusing? Yes! Can't find Bonus points, more steps and more time. Also as well I agree that it needs to returm to the Achievements tab not the Home tab.

  • 4ea32485b7faad8fc6c80982deabaa63?
    W Hovorka

    As I thought, the "Bonus Points" and "Get Apps" tabs are no longer available with the new mpoints portal.  I hope you aren't lying about all the bonus points will show up on the main page...but I'm sure you are and all of them won't show up.  No way to prove that now though.  And why take away the "Get Apps" tab?  How are we suppose to know about NEW mpoint apps?  Also, didn't you test this format out before you released it?  Didn't you notice that the 10 point twitter checkin was missing?  I hope this change makes more people quit your program. 

  • 64bd248efcb911a76c677af53b5645db?
    Matt Braaten

    I agree with Allie above: "Maybe a little tweaking needs done, such as; if I go into the 'achievements' page, click on & gain one of my points, it should go back to 'achievements' page & not the 'rewards' page." I really don't like having to go back and select Achievements each time. It takes longer to go through all of my achievements. Please fix that. Otherwise it looks good. 

  • 0e5bbf7be26fd30df6e4e2a7f1020cb2?
    Rebecca R.

    @ FitFattoush - Thanks! If you have any suggestions of a tile that you'd like to see, shoot us an email!

    @ Madeli4981 - I love that suggestion! I'll make note of it and pass it along. Thanks!

    @ Cager Garner -  Does the portal take you back to the home page of the portal or the rewards page after you claim an achievement? It should be taking you the rewards page now. Send us an email w/ a bit more info if you can.

    @ Brian Parker - I'm sorry to hear that you don't like the new design. I really appreciate your suggestions, and will make sure to pass them along! I like the idea of having an option to switch up which apps appear on the "Get Apps" tile. In addition, there was an issue that came up this morning with that particular tile, but it should be back shortly. If you have any more suggestions, definitely send us an email! Thank you so much! (/users/434768486)

    @ Mrkfschrfm - As stated in this Knowledge Base article, the bonus point opportunities from the Bonus Points tab have been relocated to the main page of the new portal. I appreciate your feedback though, feel free to let us know if you have more questions or concerns by sending an email.

    @ W Hovorka - This was huge release that we sent out this morning, so of course there were issues that occurred along the way. There were a couple problems this morning w/ the Twitter tile (it worked on our end, but then experienced errors when it went live) and the Get Apps tile (there was an error w/ the text), but those should be resolved shortly. I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed, but I do appreciate your feedback. 


  • 51b0301e0e5bf09859f44ae5d6d12268?
    Kasie Blume

    What would REALLYbe helpful is being able to claim all achievements at in when you tap the claim achievement button, it would do ALL of them instead of only one. SO time consuming to have to do it over and over again.

  • 49826c53bedffc0f15bc29aa251c2a29?
    jodi riggins

    I don't like. Having the buttons on the bottom was better than having to click a menu. This is much less user friendly. Where is the check inwith Twitter and bonus pages and get apps. There are no "tiles".
    Not at all a fan.
    Also after "claiming an achievement" why can't I go back to achievements directly?
    Was this beta tested with actual users?

  • 0e6f62ca882b3bf4bc55d7d5917bf64d?
    Stephanie Swick

    Takes too many steps to claim achievements.


  • 4ea32485b7faad8fc6c80982deabaa63?
    W Hovorka

    Thank you for the quick fix on the Twitter check in.  Now please do something about the Bonus points and Get Apps tabs!

  • 287b229f78ae2b06d500ce8922b61da6?
    Jim and Sandy Larivee

    Maybe it's just me but I don't understand why everyone is complaining. The changes are no big deal, so you access your points in a different way. Everyone seems to forget that the points get you FREE gift card, I haven't paid for an Amazon purchase in over a year with my credit card, only mpoints and I order a lot.

    As for the bonus points, I never got a video to watch when I accessed it, I like getting them when I collect my individual points, that's why a claim all button won't work. You would miss out on all the video opportunities. As for the More Apps it usually only showed ones I already had.

    I like the blocks were you collect your Twitter points and it now shows apps there. I've already found two I didn't have and downloaded them. My only request is the section that lets you pick a card you are trying to earn points towards does not take into consideration the $2, 5 or 10 Amazon cards it tell you only when you have enough points for the $1 card. Personally I don't need the system to tell me when I have enough points. I know what I need for the cards I claim. This section could go away and be replaced by something else.

  • D49304c91448d7df13be47009c562317?
    troy tyler

    free t shirt link not working

    and I need a link to this new sight so I can bookmark it please

  • 146669f47dc9b5f1e7c93fb28df0d483?

    I think this upgrade is a complete downgrade. I want to choose after playing which achievements and in which order I use. Now all I do is click and scroll. can you say repetitive motion injury. I can only assume I again have lost a chance at another 100-200 points a day. every "upgrade you take away and make it more onerous to use. Put a short cut on the page after redeeming an achievement to go right back to the achievements page. This layout really sucks. What else have you taken away. I've noticed most of the bonuses are a chance to buy something now. 

  • 146669f47dc9b5f1e7c93fb28df0d483?

    what happened to the bonuses videos. There are little to no bonuses left. Soon you will want us to pay to use it.

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