Allow to earn achievements after reaching the daily point limit

Here's the thing.  I live in the sticks and my only options for internet access beyond dial-up are limited data plans.  However, I have internet through a satellite provider that gives me free unlimited access from 12am to 5am everyday.  In order to take advantage of the bonuses without using up my data limit very quickly, I claim achievements between those hours.  I then stop short of the daily maximum so that I can earn achievements in the apps during the day to claim the next morning.

Probably not the way you intended for users to do things, but it's all I have.

I don't understand why it is set up to prevent me from earning achievements after I've claimed the daily maximum.  If it wasn't I wouldn't have to sit here with a calculator trying not to go over the maximum.  I could just claim what I'm allowed and then earn more for the following day.

The thing that really makes it an issue though, is the fact that here where I am, (central time zone) the system resets at midnight.  I know the faq states that it should reset at 6pm, but it simply isn't the case.  I'm including a screen capture of daily puppies to show this.  This app leaves the status bar at the top of the screen on my iphone which shows the time, and since I was able to claim the daily achievement, which shows the time till reset, you can clearly see that it does in fact reset at midnight my time.

Anyway, I just don't see the point in tying how many mPoints we can claim, to how many we can earn.  If I play the games I should get credited for the achievements I earn whether I can cash them in for mPoints or not.  It's only fair.

Thanks for listening,

Charles Marshall

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    The mPOINTS Help Desk

    Hey Charles, thanks for writing in with your suggestions! You're asking 2 separate questions here, so I'm going to do my best to respond to both :)

    1. As you have astutely noticed and as your screencap shows, the Daily Challenge runs on your device's local time, and does not run on UTC time like the rest of our servers . This is why it resets at midnight, but nothing else does. Sorry it's confusing!

    2. You CAN earn achievements after you've hit your daily points limit - you just can't claim them! It sounds like you're not X-ing out of the achievement once you've earned it, but going through and claiming them, too. That wouldn't "bank" them, but would actually add the points to your balance, so if you've hit the daily limit already, it won't let you. Just tap the X once you get the achievement notice and you should still have those achievements there the next day.

    Please note that we do not EVER recommend "banking" achievements this way, even for the next day.

    First, keep in mind that developers change their achievements and the corresponding point values all the time. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. So if you claim an achievement that's worth 50 points today, then "bank" it for the next day, but the developers change its point value the next morning to 10 points... you're going to get the CURRENT value, not what it was worth when you earned it, so you're only going to get 10 points. The only way you can ensure you get the full amount of points coming to you is by claiming achievements as you earn them.

    Secondly, remember that unclaimed achievements expire after 7 days (, so you can't bank them longer than a few days, anyway. Better safe than sorry!

    Hope this has answered your questions to your satisfaction, but if it hasn't, please feel free to ask some more!

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    Rhonda Boling

    I'm not sure what you mean by x-ing out. If I claim my max points. It says I can't earn any more achievements that day. Does it mean I can play and earn them but they won't show up until the next day. For example on office zombie the achievements show up in a red circle next to the M. So do you mean I can play but the number in the red circle won't show up until the next day. I'm confused.

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    Gurtej Singh

    I don't think you can earn achievements after you've hit your daily point limit.  I've tried, and they don't show up either immediately or the next day.  I have even tried installing a new app, so I know I hadn't earned any of the achievements yet for the day.  

    And it seems to reset at 12pm midnight locally (PDT).  I've tried it at 11pm PDT, and it didn't work.  But it did work immediately after midnight.

    I'm not in as bad a position as Charles, but I try to "bank" achievements on some days when I know I will have less time the following day.  

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    The mPOINTS Help Desk

    You can indeed keep earning the achievements - you just can't claim them for the points once you've hit the 2500-point daily limit. If you earn an achievement once you've hit your daily in-app points limit, just don't claim any  more achievements until the next day - but you can still earn them and "bank" them for the next day. I hope that helps!

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    Jake Tyler


    That should read: You can NOT keep earning achievements once you've reached the 2500-point daily limit. 

    Try it.  IT   DOES   NOT   WORK.

    I believe this is a resent change that may not have been communicated to the Help Desk.

    If you reach the limit by redeeming a 10-point reward, and you're really at 2495, you can continue to earn 5-point achievements until you redeem one to reach the limit.  10 point achievements, however, will no longer register until 12am midnight your local time at which point the 2500-point daily limit is reset.

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    The mPOINTS Help Desk

    Jake, I'm really sorry, but I just tried it. You CAN earn the achievement, but you cannot claim it. When the notice pops up that you've earned the achievement, don't tap "claim" - just tap the small X in the upper right or left corner and keep the earned achievement there to claim the next day.  And we do not reset at midnight local time - our servers run on UTC time.  This knowledge base article ( tells you a little more about that. Hope that helps!

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    hmm, Interesting. Not trying to be obstinate, but that simply isn't the case for me.  I know the difference between collecting and banking mPoints.  After claiming the 2500 daily limit, I no longer receive credit for reaching achievements.  I'm not saying I can't claim any more or collect anymore.  They just don't appear.


    Makes me curious though.  Are you using a SessionM account to login to the mPoint portal, or are you logging in through facebook.


    I have never created a SessionM account to login.  I even tried the account that I created to use this help system.  It is apparantly a seperate account than the mPoints portal itself.


    If you are using a SessionM account, would you mind trying logging into an account through facebook without creating a SessionM account and see if you get the same results?


    I hope you do realize at some point that some of us are having an issue with this.


    thanks again


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    Christina Barber

    I have the same issue, it's not just you. Also, I did not realize that unclaimed achievements expire after 7 days. That's ridiculous since there is now a limit 500 points per app

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    Jean Allais

    That happens to me as well.  Once I have claimed 500 points in either Office Zombie or Office Jerk, I am unable to obtain credit for any more achievements. 

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    I thought I was having this same problem but then I tested it out.  While it doesn't "show" my achievements happening, the next day when I log in they are there, it makes it a bit harder because you need to remember what you need to get but still i haven't actually lost any of my achievements, they are just "invisible" until the next day.

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    I should add that I'm not saying you guys dont' have a problem - I'm just saying that you might want to test it out too cause that's what was happening on my end and I thought it might help you to know.

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