Is There a Limit to How Many Points I Can Claim Daily?


You can earn up to 200 achievement points per day in each app. Once you've earned 200 mPLUS Points for the day in a particular app, you will not earn any more mPLUS Reward achievements until the next day. You can, however, continue to earn mPLUS Points in other apps as long as you haven't hit your total daily limit.

You can earn a total 1000 achievement points across ALL mPLUS Reward apps per day. This does NOT include bonus points or sponsored ads - only the points you earn while using the apps themselves. Once you reach that 1000-point threshold, you can't collect any more points until the next day.

We're still a relatively new program and trying to find the best fit for us, so this daily limit is subject to change at any time, and are based on a number of different factors. We're always working to adjust the program to be both sustainable for us and fun for our users.

Again, any bonus points from our sponsors don't count toward this limit. This means you can earn many extra points by completing our sponsor achievements. 

And if you'd like to explore additional apps that work with mPLUS Rewards, please see our running list of apps here for even more ways to collect points:

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