Are the Rewards We Claim Considered Taxable Income?


As you may already be aware, rewards and gift cards that you claim through our program (and any other rewards program) are considered taxable income by the IRS. At this time, we do NOT mail out 1099 forms to our users, as these are for when we hire independent contractors, and our users don't qualify for independent contractor status. :)

Having said that, depending on your individual circumstances and financial situation, the monetary value of your gift cards and any contests you may have won through mPLUS Rewards may have some bearing on your tax return, and may need to be claimed as taxable income. We regret that we cannot provide you with any tax advice about any one individual's situation, and strongly encourage you to consult a tax preparation professional with any questions you may have.

You'll probably want a list of all the rewards you claimed this year when you get your taxes done, and you can easily print one out by following the steps in this Knowledge Base article.

PLEASE NOTE: Donating your mPLUS Points is not tax exempt. You donate your mPLUS Points back to us, and we make the donation, so you cannot deduct them as a charitable donation.

If you have any other questions about your account, or if you have questions about a particular reward, please do submit a support request by tapping or clicking the button below. 
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