Where Is My Digital Reward Order?


mPLUS redeemed rewards are regularly processed in batches. Most rewards are processed within 3 business days, not including weekends or holidays.


If you haven't received your gift card by the end of the third business day, follow these steps to help track it down:

  1. Check your spam folder, in case our auto-notification got accidentally flagged as spam.
  2. Check your Trash folder. We've all accidentally deleted something we didn't mean to. It happens.
  3. Look into your User Profile and select My Orders. This will take you to all of your Orders and you can click the "Redemption" tab to see all purchased store items. Here you will find a "Redeem Gift Card" link to access the gift card directly.   



NOTE: Not all gift cards are able to provide a "redeem gift card" link in your account. 



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