November, 2017 Winners


$300 Best Buy Gift Card

Steven K., Denver, CO

$200 Aeropostale Gift Card

Robin K., Roy, UT

$200 Sephora Gift Card

Theresa M., Boyertown, PA

$200 The Cheesecake Factory Gift Card

Harry S., Arlington, VA

$100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Ashram H., South Ozone Park, NY;

Daniel O., Simpsonville, SC;

Laurie S., Rohnert Park, CA

$100 Target Gift Card

Jill B., St Petersburg, FL;

Carlene P., Rialto, CA

Daniel M., Birmingham, MI

$200 Lands' End Gift Card

Lorie C., Somerset, MA

$100 American Eagle Gift Card

Jeanette P., Hollywood, FL

$200 Gap Inc. Gift Card

Eric D., Opelika, AL

$200 Gamestop Gift Card 

Robert K., San Francisco, CA

$200 Old Navy Gift Card

Molly B., Beverly Hills , CA

$300 Gift Card

Louise M., Roseville, MI

$200 Sephora Gift Card

Faun W., Youngstown, OH

$200 Lowe's Gift Card

Christine Z., Palatine, IL

$200 Nike Gift Card

Bernard C., Lafayette, LA

$150 Nike Gift Card

Susan K., Pasadena, TX

$100 JCPenney Gift Card

Jennafer H., San Francisco, CA

 $250 Walmart Gift Card 

Dexter L., Miami , FL

Ellen M., Tracy, CA

$100 Old Navy Gift Card

Kalil B., Orland Park, IL

$100 Cold Stone Gift Card

Joseph N., Richmond, CA

$100 Applebees Gift Card

Stephanie L., Lebanon, MO

$100 L.L.Bean Gift Card

Mike K., Bellefonte, PA

$100 Gift Card

Lynn G., Denver, CO

$100 Sephora Gift Card

Debbie B., Northville, MI;

G T L., Philadelphia, PA;

Sylvia Q., San Jose, CA

$100 IHOP Gift Card

Christa B., Millstone Township, NJ

$200 Gift Card

Sarah B., Franklin, WI

$100 GameStop Gift Card 

Illona M., Pittsburgh, PA;

Hilda A., Merced, CA;

Doran A., Independence, KS

$200 Gift Card

Jennifer E., Stillwater, OK

$100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Rick F., Fort Lauderdale, FL;

Ludwin G., Tulsa, OK;

Kimberly N., Daingerfield, TX

$200 Sears Gift Card

Kim E., Ostrander, OH

$150 Whole Foods Gift Card

Marcin R., Burlington , CT

$200 Home Depot Gift Card

Chad B., Altamonte Springs, FL

$300 Best Buy Gift Card

Wayne L., Birmingham, AL


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