October, 2017 Winners


$100 Starbucks Gift Card

Robin Z., Millersburg, MI

$100 GameStop Gift Card

William T., Marion, IA;

King S., Brooklyn, NY;

Gale S., Sunlakes , AZ

$250 Walmart Gift Card

Elizabeth S., Bonita Springs , FL;

Heidi L., Cypress, CA

$150 CVS Gift Card

Steven A., West Babylon, NY

$150 Nike Gift Card

Maral B., Morton Grove, IL

$200 Gap Inc. Gift Card

Lisa W., Dallas, TX

$200 Aeropostale Gift Card

Ana R., Thousand Palms, CA

$200 Ebay Gift Card

Philllip L., Jackson, MI

$200 Lowe's Gift Card

Jim P., Beach Park, IL

$150 Whole Foods Gift Card

Jay D., Nashville, TN

$200 Amazon.com Gift Card

Amanda A., Richmond, KY

$200 Gamestop Gift Card 

Megan N., Annapolis, MD

$200 The Cheesecake Factory Gift Card

Kevin W., Rochester, NY

$200 Sephora Gift Card

Joanna H., Visalia, CA

$200 Old Navy Gift Card

Charles P., Houston, TX

$300 Amazon.com Gift Card

Kwok Peng N., Avon, OH

$250 Walmart Gift Card

Hai N., Olympia, WA;

Jessica W., Covington, GA

$100 GameStop Gift Card

Toby F., Roswell, NM;

$200 Nike Gift Card

Karen C., Mabelvale, AR

$100 American Eagle Gift Card

Jeff G., Geneva, IL

$100 IHOP Gift Card

Allison T., Rock Hill, SC

$200 Buffalo Wild Wings

Tammy S., Moon Township, PA

$200 Lowe's Gift Card

Chunqiang H., Harrisburg , PA

$300 Best Buy Gift Card

Liz S., Langhorne, PA

$150 CVS Gift Card

Vic G., Powder Springs, GA

$200 American Eagle Gift Card

Toni C., Cumming, GA

$200 Lands' End Gift Card

John F., Palm Bay, FL

$200 eBay Gift Card

Don R., Akron, OH

$150 Whole Foods Gift Card

Tina A., Chicago , IL

$200 Gamestop Gift Card 

Ross H., Oshkosh, WI

$200 Amazon.com Gift Card

Arthur R S., Youngstown, OH


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